Thursday, 9 February 2017

let's go on an adventure, darling.

OH HEY NEW DOMAIN!!!! Yes, I am soooo happy to finally have my OWN brand new name! I networked with loads of bloggers, and did my research with the whole thing, and asked around who the best company to go with and all that jazz was. Setting it up wasn't heard either, uhm...Thank GOD for youtube tutorials on how to set it up without crying myself to sleep. And also one more thing before I start the actual post...I just want to shout out from the bottom of my heart a BIG thank you to the agents over on go daddy as they've been more than helpful to me and my clumsy self. Can you believed I did a typo the first time I bought my domain? I didn't even spell check lol! Such a dumb mistake too...thankfully they were able to fix it for me!

Lucas wakes up every morning screaming either "I AM HUNGRY" or "Are we going on an adventure today? Pleaaaase, MUMMY. PLEASE" an adventure to him means: taking his scooter out and heading to the library. Oh, how to be a child again. So that is exactly what we did. I love that he adds "adventure" to things he wants to do, lol! He is a simple, sassy dude these days.

The weather has been horrid these days, and it seems like there's nothing fun for us to do outside as it's either WAY too cold or raining, so we literally just scoot away to the library if we get too bored at home. It is so much fun for him to go there too, he loves it, and it's a nice way to meet other Mums.

What do you get up too when the weather is crappy?