Sunday, 1 January 2017

Thankful as fuck

Hope you have all had an amaaaaazing first day of a brand new-- new Year!!!

Last night, I prepared myself. I trained my mind to just let it be. To not feel guilty. To feel blessed for another year on this wonderful earth. To be grateful. I have been writing in my gratitude journal since last year, and it really does help. When I think of my lovely Mother, I have decided to only think of the way I remember her. I have decided to only think of the happy memories, and her beautiful laugh. I have decided to protect and cherish all the good things she did. I hug those memories so close.  And it makes me smile. Writing lists and keeping busy also makes thee biggest difference, so  that's what I have been doing behind the scene of life.

How did you celebrate your night??

We celebrated by staying in, waking up feeling good, and cooking the bessssst Sunday roast. Can any other parents relate? There's nothing better than being with family. Did anyone else do that? Or are we just old folks, lol!

About that mouth-watering roast dinner we had-- I wish I took a picture of the way we prepared everything, and set it out because I promise you-- you would've appreciated it. But no, I couldn't wait.  I was too hungry to get my phone out. 

Also, does anyone else have a FUSSY toddler?? Lucas won't eat pretty much anything I give him, unless it's a sweet or a chocolate cake. Or cornflakes. I am banning that stuff this year, completely. Why can't family members just accept the way you want to raise your kid instead of always spooling the kid with sweets? Not everyday make things difficult for me lol. It actually makes me so sad because he never eats things like that normally.  All I want him to eat is healthy food, and he's really not into it.

Anyway, there's not much left of the first of January. I hope you've celebrated your fake birthday (if you know, you know) lol.

See you in my next post, 


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