Thursday, 24 November 2016


Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I am thankful as fuck for my own family, my Mum, Dad, Siblings & especially this little guy over here. Life before him was a bit hectic, but shit he truly did change my life for the better. I never knew i was going to become a Mum so quick, and although i've always loved children, I didn't think that I would do a great job raising one myself. I wasn't clueless, no, not at all because I already helped my Mum raise so many of my siblings but at the same time, I didn't realise how much other stuff that comes with it besides the crying. I never had to deal with a teething baby before, you know? I knew at  the end of the day my Mother would come home and get them, lol! I have learned so much from this little dude that I didn't know before. Two things that I always tend to do is, trust my instincts and literally just get on with it. I am thankful for the days easy days, the hard days, and the days where I feel like "oh gosh" am I doing enough for this little guy, am I feeding him the right food, Is he getting the right amount of sleep, Am I taking him outside and exploring with him enough, and all the guilt and anxiety creeps up on me, but honestly, I am just so thankful that he choose ME to be his Mother. All I can do is try my best to bring him up the best way that I can.

Lucas my love, you actually have no idea that you're the reason why I carry on, so thank you for that. <3

PS. Happy Thanksgiving to those who are indeed celebrating! I am very jealous of all the delicious food you will devour today!!!



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