Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dear Lucas My Love

Dear Lucas my love, 

This Saturday coming will be your third birthday. THIRD. I can't get over how quick it has come by.

You have grown into a little genius. I'm amazed at how much you know sometimes, but it's lovely to know that you speak your mind, and understand much better than you did a few months ago.

I love that you communicate with every single stranger that you come across with-- even if you tell them our whole life story. This makes me feel happy inside as I know that you will never have a problem making a friend, or two... Or maybe three.

You are obsessed with Paw Patrol and Thomas the Tank Engine, and all you've been doing ever since that you found out it'll be your time to celebrate your birthday soon-- is flicking through the Argos catalogue and choosing ALL things Paw Patrol and Thomas the Tank engine. 

Don't you worry, honey... I will not forget to get you a Paw Patrol cake that you've been asking about every damn day.

Nothing warms my heart more than when you say that "mummy and daddy are my best friends" to other people. Hehehehhehehe. We better be! 

You are still a cry baby (oh my god, I am not exaggerating ok). This happens every two seconds because you can't get your own way. I guess that's something you got from me? Ha!

You should be proud of yourself because you stopped wearing nappies at two and a half! Now you're a pro at going to the toilet on your own (while I'm sitting outside) and calling me when you've done a poo!

You haven't quite mastered the art of listening but it's okay. You are only a toddler. I haven't met a boy toddler who listens to everything their parents tell them yet.

You like to test my patience and rebel a lot, and that's totally fine. How else are you going to learn from your mistakes? I did tell you not to touch that chilly. 

No, but on a serious note.. You're learning and that's totally fine. Just remember to always, always, listen more.

Speaking two languages may be hard, but not for you our kid. I hope that you never forget speaking your mothers tongue. Maybe one day, we can all go back to our country, and visit the family that you've never met and ones that I haven't seen for over 20- something years. I hope that one day you can meet my grandma hoyooy (your great grandma) and have a cheeky chat with her in Somali, since Hoyo (my mam) never bothered to teach us Barwani!

The media isn't always telling the truth, so don't believe everything you hear. Take risks and live life without fearing anybody! Remember, fear is just an illusion. And all those negative things you're telling yourself in your head-- just aren't true. Thoughts become things, so be aware of the thoughts you're feeding your mind, and to quite literally only choose the good ones.

There is so much beauty in this world, my dear son, go and explore. Go on adventures with your friends.

I love you so much and I want you to forever remember to be yourself. Be vocal. Let your big personality shine. Travel the world. Learn about different cultures.

You will meet some awesome people and some horrible people in life, but don't ever pay attention or listen to anything that comes out of a bully's mouth. They are just living an unhappy life.

I want you to be happy. I want you to be kind to anyone you cross paths with. You don't have to be friends with them, but you can be kind to them, because you never know what they may be going through in their personal life... However-- (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO A BULLY. THEY CAN GO AND FUCK THEMSELVES).

I trust you to find something you're passionate about and executing the idea!

Oh, and when you're a fully grown man... Don't forget to check up on Daddy and I. Once in the morning, and once at night. 

I love you all the way to the moon and back. 



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