Monday, 22 August 2016

Trying not to laugh moment.

These pictures were taken a long time ago. Look how gorgeous his curly hair WAS. I miss it so much. lol.

Anyway, back to the original post.

Lucas has become so sassy these days. I mean, he always used to be but now that his vocabulary is expanding.. He feels the need to express himself even further.. I will tell him to go to the naughty corner and he'll tell me "I don't care to go to the naughty corner, mummy. I don't care" I try so hard not to laugh. I don't even think he knows what "I don't care" means. He will just say it because he's probably heard it from Peppa Pig or something.

Today, he accused me of "always" leaving him, which lead him to not having a good day, as he couldn't find his toys. Kids come out with the funniest things, don't they?

S xx

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