Thursday, 18 August 2016

Things got better.

Hello, loves!! How are thee?!

I felt SO ill last night. This happens every time I'm due on my period. I will vomit, and run to the toilet every two minutes. I couldn't eat, or breathe to save my life. To top it all off, I was experiencing the headache of hell. No ibuprofen could help me. I had to ride it out. I didn't fall asleep until 230am.

It didn't end there, no. I woke up to the worst headache, and belly ache of my life. Naturally, I ran to my bag and got out two ibuprofen and downed that as quick as I could to get rid of this awful pain.

I then ran to the kitchen and started eating a whole lemon, with salt. It's something my mum has taught me. Lemon and salt is the cure for everything, as well as tea-- but I couldn't keep anything down.

The lemon definitely had a massive impact in the way I felt later on in the day because I could eat a little bit of food hours later, and my headache was slowly disappearing.

My day got a whole lot better when my little brother handed me Crest 3D White strips with shit loads of crest toothpaste!!!! It's actually from my little cousin who lives in America! How cute is he?!! I must return back the favour!

I've already started using the 1hr express! I can feel a little bit of sensitivity here and there, but it's nothing major. It's bearable. I will let you know how I get on with them!  

Im also excited to eat those cheetos too. I have to be in the mood to eat certain snacks, though-- and I feel like I will not enjoy them if I eat them now, as I'm feeling SO miserable from the inside haha!!


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