Sunday, 14 August 2016


Hello, loves and welcome back to another blogpost!

This weekend has been filled with family time, mostly. My mothers side of the family came to visit us today (to pay their respect, since my grandad passed away). It was so nice to see aunts, cousins and nieces we haven't seen for a good few years! It's weird how they only live a few hours away, and no one bothers to visit each other, unless someone's passing. Very strange, but that's how life works. People carry on, until the next big thing happens. 

Other than that, I'm feeling a bit blah today. I go through this sad stage once every month. I am definitely due a catchup from the Mother Nature. So naturally, I am aware of what's to come as I never used to pay attention to it before-- but it became such a struggle that I started paying attention to it. I'm trying to snap out of it but it only works when I'm around my positive people dem. Don't get me wrong-- I love my own company but i would be feeling much better if I was around someone positive lol!

On a cute note though, my toddler made me laugh. He said "mummy, Audrey is my best friend." Yes, we talk to her. It's not weird at all. Haha!


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