Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another blogpost!

Good things and bad things happened last week, but I learned to appreciate life, and my family even more and live in the moment.

We have been enjoying life over the weekend with my family, which involved a lot of late nights once the kids have gone to bed! How else were we going to speak without being interrupted, hey?!

Now that we have said our goodbyes, and life is gone back to normal, I am also back to practicing being a morning person. By that I mean, waking up bang on 6 o'clock! Just like I used to. Not snoozing the alarm bell like 100x. My toddler has been acting like a teenager these past couple of days, I think he's overily tired. He doesn't wake up before 730, 8 or even 9 ! He's been doing A LOT of walking, that may be the reason haha! 

As I was saying, it's so nice to wake up in the morning in your own accord without  a baby or a toddler forcing you to wake up because they are "hungry" or " I need a WEE, MUMMY" in the exact words of my toddler. That leads you to getting out of bed, not because you want to (you could do with that extra five minutes) but you HAVE to get up because you're avoiding your toddlers tantrums. Plus, these little humans need some sort of entertainment before they ruin the whole house, with sudocrem or a tub of Nutella. Or if they're being really spontaneous, they might even poo in your carpet. Sorry for the tmi. My toddler has done this back in the day, before we even introduced potty. Ha! 

Here's what I do in my morning routine. I wake up SO much happier. With lots of energy!

1. As soon as I wake up, I want to check my phone, no kidding! But this time, I write in my gratitude book before I speak to anyone or check anything! I spend 10 minutes or something of my morning doing this. I don't just write write write, I FEEL it too.

2. I need to quench this thirst, girl! Yes before I touch anything, I drink two big glasses of water. This is possible. Trust me. I used to hate drinking water, but i swear water will help you out SO much!

3. I love reading, and I don't get to do it that often, so I grab my book that I always carry around with me. It's called "The Secret". I manifested this book, subconsciously. I am not kidding. Lol. I read it for about ten minutes. 

4. I start getting ready the day. First thing I do before I get in the shower is, I brush my teeth. I don't know why I do it in this order, but I like to save time I guess lol. So right after that's done, I hop in the shower, and I think about all the good things that has happened to me in my life, or this year, and my goals for the rest of the year. After I finish meditating in the shower, I baby oil the HELL out of my body. If you want a smooth skin, baby oil is your girl!

5. I get dressed because deep down I know that my toddler is about to wake up, so I get my laptop out, put some relaxing, and happy music on. I put on my outfit of the day, do my eyebrows because I don't have any, then I get on with doing my big hair. Oh btw, my toddler loves waking up to Erykah Badu, Sade and Alicia Keys' music! You need to be aware of the type of music you listen to. If it's making you sad or negative, you need new music, girl!

6. I am feeling like a grown woman at this point. Call me Beyoncé if you like. My toddler is still sleeping through the music, so I am writing this blogpost. YES! And also, I don't normally eat breakfast, but when I do, we always eat together! 

Nothing can stop me now. I can deal with any negatives that come my way. I will not let my toddlers tantrums affect me, haha! 

I hope you like this post! If you're not happy with something in your life, change your routine! It makes all the difference! 


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