Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Potty mouth!!!

We try not to swear around our toddler-- but let me just be honest with you all, I have the biggest potty mouth. I don't swear AT him, oh hell no, I would never do that and I do NOT agree with people who swear at their children because it's so mean -- but when I'm on the phone to my gal friends and the conversation is getting saucy or too deep for my life-- I will swear here and there. And he just happens to be around me. I also swear if I'm tying my hair and the hair bobble snaps because it just happened to be my last hair bobble. It's just one of them things where it flows naturally out of your mouth. I know, it's bad. Shoot me.

Anyhow, lucas picks up things we say quite quick. I'm talking about normal words here. He is really good using things he hears as part of his vocabulary and I kid you not, majority of the time, it makes sense. But today while we were face timing my sister-- he was being so difficult and wouldn't listen at all. So my sister and I  started teasing him about something, I don't even remember what it was right now. Probably something so silly, and he shouted the F word out of frustration. 

My sister said to me " r u not gonna tell him off?!" in her shocked diva Danish-English accent. Well... To be honest with you, I usually ignore if he says bad words, because i don't want to make it into a big deal as he forgets what he said and carries on with his life. But then i thought... What if he says it out of the blue in nursery to other children, or to a teacher? Or even worse, what if we are in a public place and he starts shouting it loud and proud? Toddlers don't give a shit when it comes to those sort of things but I know that I would die of shame. Lol!

We've already established one thing, and that is -- I have to stop swearing when he's around me.

How do you deal with your toddler when he/she drops the F bomb? 


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