Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I'm grateful for giving birth to a toddler who loves books. This is probably the only time where he sits down calmly, listens, learns and asks questions.

We read two books every night before bed time. I can't ever escape it lmao. He will make sure he picks out the books he wants read, and puts it on the bed-- ready for me to take a seat and start reading.

Lately, he's into picking a fun book, and then a learning book.

Right now, he's excited to learn about numbers, and counting. So that's what we're doing-- even though he knows all the numbers, and is capable of counting how many sheeps or cows he can see. I'm doing everything at his pace-- so when he's ready to move on from numbers, we will go on to letters as he's kind of forgetting them. He can only recognise certain letters.

Bragging hell, you say. Well I'm not. Hahaa. I'm just really proud of all the things he's learned and achieved before the age of three.

I always tell him "good job, Lucas. You've worked really hard for this" with everything that he does because I want him to know that with hard work, he can achieve anything.


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