Monday, 8 August 2016


My curly twin and I had the best / funniest weekend EVER, with our babes.

Lucas went ice skating for the first time in his life time with his little cousin, and he absolutely LOVED it. I couldn't take any pictures as I was petrified that I would fall over or that I would drop my phone, so I recorded little bits of it here and there. I'm not bad at lace skating either, so over time, Lucas got confident and started sliding instead of walking lol , the little skates were SO cute!!!!

He also went to a festival with loads of rides for the first time in his lifetime. And again, him and his cousin didn't want to leave. They were both loving life, lol! 

I recorded everything, so I want to show you our experience rather than write about it. I'll try and link the video into a different post so you can watch and pretend you're with us :)

Ps. Do you like the fish plaits that I did on my niece?


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