Friday, 22 July 2016


This morning,  I took my sisters, my niece and my son out for breakfast. It wasn't stressful at all with two toddlers who are the same age. Nope. My niece is actually well behaved lol. After that we went into town. It was crazy busy, with lots of things going on! The kids even got to do horse riding (on a fake horse, obv) 

We then met up with my older sister and her children after a short while of looking around the town centre, because it's officially the summer holidays hayyyyyyyy.

Anyway, she took us to the Think Tank Science Garden Birmingham.  I can't believe I haven't ever been to the Think Tank Science Museum OR the science garden before! I have never been to that side of Birmingham before. IT IS SO CLEAN!!! At least now, one of them is ticked off the list, as that's where we headed to today. The kids had a brilliant time in the garden. There was so much for them to do and learn about.

What a fantastic day we have had. I'm feeling so dead right now. There's only one thing that's slightly ruined my day. I just started the time of the month (no wonder I was more emotional than usual, lol) *tmi* but whatever, it's real life. 

I gave Lucas a quick bath, and he's now snoozing away, yay!!!!

How did you all enjoy the glorious sunshine today?


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