Friday, 25 March 2016


The Sunday Roast burger aka Yorkshire burger.

Jerk chicken burger 

Happy Easter weekend, guys!!!!! I am drooling while I type this blogpost. I'm missing this burger SO much.

The joys of having a very vocal toddler. There's nothing more he loves (besides his car toys) than talking. When he's not talking he's getting up to something silly or he is having a melt down about life, or why we didn't get him what he wanted-- which is obviously ice cream or something sweet. So, because of that reason... We're always making sure that the places we pick to eat food is a place where we can have a pleasant time. A place where we don't have to keep telling our toddler to whisper, or shush all the damn time. At the end of the day, he is only being himself. Don't you just hate when you go out with your toddler, and he shows you up in public and suddenly, ALL eyes are on you?  Yes, me too! So we were trying to avoid being in that situation all together lol!

We fancied a burger, so we decided to go to handmade burger & co. The girl who served us  was awesome, we literally became the best of friends, and exchanged life stories, because...why not! She even took a picture with us -- one i HOPE she NEVER shows to anyone because i look HIDEOUS, ha! It's nice to be served by someone who  is super excited, friendly, and enjoys what they do.

We tested out their new menu which had the jerk chicken and the roast dinner burger, as you can see from the pictures. Lucas had a fish burger, but he doesn't really like fish, meat or chicken so he only ate the burger bun on it's own. He had about 3 of them, lol!

Although i did introduce chicken, fish and meat to him in the past, he point blank refuses to eat it! I can't physically force him to eat something he doesn't want to as it's his personal preference at the age of two and a half years old, so whatever makes you happy kid!

Anyway, their new menu is the BOMB DOT COM!!!!! The jerk chicken and yorkshire burger was SO damn amazing. I am the worst at finishing my food, and usually get full quite quickly, but this burger was demolished so fast. Best handmade burger everrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

I can't say we have ever had a bad time in Handmade Burger. Their staff are always friendly, and kind to us. If you want delicious burgers, nice atmosphere and friendly staff, then HANDMADE BURGER is the place to go.

What's your favourite food places  you enjoy going to? With and without kids?

Have a fab weekend!



Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Hello, it's me! How are you all doing? How did you spend your international women's day yesterday? I wanted to share my recently enjoyed things with you guys, and created this gorgeous #flatlay, check out that hashtag on instagram. I am warning you-- you will fall in love with the top posts, and you may possibly be addicted to making your own flat lays. I know mine doesn't look as perfect as the other people on insta, but it's one of my BEST ones that i have ever created and i'm quite proud of it--as you can tell lol. Even my Mother said it looks gorgeous, so cheers ma queen.

I tend to ramble on and on a little bit, but here are my fave enjoyed things.!

1. A while ago, i kindly asked my sister to let me borrow this book which is called -- EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth  Gilbert as i wanted to read it on my train journeys, but that never worked out, so i let it collect dust for ages until, recently. I read it whenever i get the chance to-- which is usually when my little human is peacefully sleeping for the night, because when do i otherwise get the chance to relax without being interrupted every.five.minutes? I thought I watched the film before, but it appears that i haven't, and i'm happy about that. I can enjoy reading it without knowing what's going to happen lol. It's such an interesting read, and i'm loving it so far. If you're interested in buying it, it's only £2.90 from amazon click  *HERE*.

2. Let me tell you a little secret... I have only just started experimenting with foundation like a few months ago. *GASP*! I don't wear it every single day, but it's just good to know that if i ever need to go somewhere special, I have it there. Like many other girls, I don't need to wear foundation. I have good skin, it's not as smooth as a babies bum, but I do have good skin (i don't get spots. occasionally on my chiny chin, chin, but that's about it. and yes by writing this, i have definitely jinxed myself.) I am loving the Benefit--  Amber I'm so Glamber foundation (not pictured here). My friend who is a makeup artist in Benefit recommended it to me. It makes me look absolutely flawless, and gives me a smooth finish BUT i suffer from oily skin, and dry skin around my eyebrows so sometimes depending on how my skin is feeling-- it makes my forehead look SUPER shiny, and my eyebrows end up looking flaky as hell! However, this is not the case all the time. I have also noticed that on some days, it can make me look ORANGE....so little old me went and bought this foundation here Maybeline dream Satin liquid foundation to mix with the Benefit one in hopes that it'll give me the correct shade BUT boy oh boy. I ENDED UP LOOKING GREY. Being a black girl, it's very hard to get the right foundation shade for our type of skin but one day....The magical Kiko Universal hydrating foundation (in neutral 100) came in to my life and saved the day. It's literally the perfect shade for me, and it makes me look smooth as hell. It doesn't even look like i'm wearing any foundation which is exactly what I wanted in the first place. It's cheap and cheerful. I mean, you can't go wrong with 6-something pounds.

3. HOW WONDERFUL IS MY TWINSTER?! Yes, she bought me this Gucci Bamboo gift set for my birthday. My eyes nearly popped out of it's socket. I wasn't expecting it at all. The packaging is SO pretty, and it smells absolutely DIVINE. I definitely found my go-to fragrance. This is my scent, you guys. I want people to smell it--and think of me...like "hey, i recognise this smell...oh wait, that's how samira smells." ahaha! It comes with a moisturizer too, so whenever i come out of the bath or shower-- i smother myself in it and i end up smelling delightful. Thanking my twinster so much. She is so so thoughftul, and the best sister anyone could ever wish for!

Before I say my goodbye's i thought i'd just be honest with you guys..I don't think i've ever owned anything Gucci (Obvs, i've owned other brand fragrances, just not Gucci)..Apart from some socks that my friends dad got her from his travels, and she ended up giving them to me but even they have vanished. As socks do. But yeah, like I was saying...I've never owned anything gucci. The closest i got to smelling like one is by buying one of my brothers oil based attar fragrance which you can check out *JEYLANI FRAGRANCE* and i'd usually just roll it on my wrists, and the back of my ears and neck, and that's it-- i'm ready for the day. I get compliments by strangers, on how lovely i smell. It's travel friendly, literally so minuscule you wouldn't even notice it in your bag, ha!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see on my blog, then please do let me know. Comment below your recently enjoyed things, and if there's any foundation you think I should try, then please do let me know in the comment box down below :). Also, I am uploading tons of video's on my Youtube channel, and you can subscribe HERE.

Have a fantastic Wednesday, everyone!

Love always, 

S xoxo