Wednesday, 1 April 2015


how cute is this denim jacket? it's from my friends 22 month old son, who has outgrown it. 

      How do you feel about hand-me-downs clothes?

      When I was pregnant with my son, my mum, sister, aunt, MIL, and cousins wanted to give me their baby clothes. At the time.. I kindly said no, just because the mister and I wanted to buy him everything brand new, plus I'm VERY picky with what kind of clothes *I* wanted my son to wear.

      Sadly, he didn't get to wear everything we bought him, as he was growing so fast, and he still is.. So that's probably why I feel like I'm constantly buying him new clothes. I go into town for myself, and end up shopping for my son. That's a mum thing, right?

    1. I think we can all agree on when it comes to buying children's clothes (depending on where you shop) it can be very expensive. I don't go crazy on designer clothes, in fact, I avoid it - 'cause I honestly don't see the point. (Sorry Instagram!) If you have the money, then great! Go for it! But I literally can't imagine spending so much money on something he's going to outgrow by next week. It'll hurt my heart... Or maybe I'm just tight. Lol!

      I have no problems with hand-me-downs. I never did. If anything, it's the best thing ever.

      My friends and family will always let me know that they have clothes for my son, and nearly all of their clothes are usually from places where I would normally shop (baby Gap, TK MAXX, H&M, Next, Zara..etc) their clothes are so cute - and most of which their kids have never worn before. If it's something that I dont like, I pass it on to someone else, or donate it. I have even offered to buy it from them, but they refuse... So I'm grateful for my sweet friends and family who are thinking of me and willing to pass on their children's clothes to me....uhm, I mean, my son.
It doesn't always have to be clothes either, i also go into charity shops sometimes and buy books, wooden toys, and all of that jazz. 

Also... If your pregnant friend or family member refuses your hand me downs, don't worry, they're not being a snob. They'll understand sooner or later that it's the best thing EVER.


  1. I was all over the hand me downs! And I got such lovely stuff, I just topped his wardrobe up with a few vests and baby gros! Now he's bigger and I'll have to buy his own clothes more often I'm gutted my mummyc clothes budget will be reduced :)

  2. I don't have any children yet but I've always shopped in thrift stores so I don't have anything against hand me downs at all! He's adorable by the way!


  3. This was a really funny post and I love hand me downs, I haven't gotten loads but I got some really useful things like sleeping bags and sleepsuits which have saved a bit of money. I love a bargain and also buy books and things from charity shops, car boots and eBay and I've gotten some great nearly new stuff! All this means a little bit more spare cash to spend on myself, of course! :)

    Carolyn xx