Saturday, 7 March 2015


Hi guys! 

I know i haven't been blogging these past couple of weeks but the truth is - i haven't been feeling motivated to blog. I'm not sure why, because I've got so many posts to write about, but I just can't force myself to blog, as blogging is something that I enjoy. And I would like it to stay that way. 

So since the weather was nice today, I took my bean child out for a walk, after he had his nap. We both needed a change of scenery, because we both haven't been feeling very well, lately. Teething sucks, and so does headaches, and bellyaches. However, I do have a baby to entertain, plus he loves exploring the outdoors... So some fresh air is exactly what we both needed. Besides, it's pretty much spring now. It didn't get dark until about 6ish! I'm so looking forward to Summer! It really needs to hurry up!

This little bean takes our breath away. We are so proud of his personal progression at nearly 18 months. He's learning quite a lot, and kind of started talking in sentences, that just about makes sense to us. It's still crazy to me that he can communicate in two different languages, that he has been exposed to since birth. I find it extremely amusing when he sometimes goes to his Daddy and tries to speak to him in my native tongue. The mister is also slowly learning, haha! We're also going into week 2 of him not taking a pacifier. He's getting used to it, and doesn't seem bothered, whatsoever. 

It's been great catching up on some of my favourite bloggers. I feel like I need to start taking this a little more serious, so over the weekend... I'll be sorting out some dates that I'll be posting. I just need to be consistent with it, that's all. That's of course if life doesn't take over! 

I've noticed everyone is under the weather. Hope you've all been keeping well, and warm!

Have a lovely Weekend, you guys! Xoxo