Monday, 15 December 2014


I know I haven't been bloggin' much, but I'm still here you guys. I thought I'd share 20 facts about myself (besides the obvious) since I literally cannot sleep. 

winter is my favorite season. // I am very indecisive. // I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. // I'm a hopeless romantic. // I hate seeing kids with crusty/ snotty nose. Seriously, like how hard is it to clean your child's face? I'm constantly cleaning my babes.. // Call me crazy but....If I could go back and give birth all over again-- I would. // ^^ It's the best thing I've ever done // I could watch the notebook and ps. i love you over and over again and not get bored. // I am PETRIFIED of creepy crawlers. Just thinking about it, is making my skin crawl. //  Pizza is the way to my heart//  my middle name is my dad's first name. // I love tea. // I have what you call a high metabolism, so putting weight on is nearly impossible even though I can eat like a horse. // I take way too many pictures of everything. // I'm 5'3 // Thursday is my favourite day of the week // I love napping. I don't get the chance to nap anymore though. // I love travelling and exploring new places. // whenever I order dominos or any takeaway for that matter-- I always order the same thing. // after i do the dishes or every time i wash my hands-- i have to quickly moisturise them straight away otherwise the feeling of dry hands really makes me cringe.  


  1. I do the moisturising thing too!

    1. The feeling of having crispy hands is just the worst feeling in the world lmao. We need to catch up!! Tomorrow?!