Sunday, 16 November 2014


I am in love with this season. I love the Christmas lights all over town and the German market (even though the one in Birmingham will forever have my heart) but yeah, basically everything looks better in the dark. And a lot prettier. And people are actually happy and smiling for once! 

So last night, my little bambino and I took our favourite person for a pizza date for his birthday, as he was working on his actual birth day. On Saturdays in our house, we have pizza. Without a fail. So it was only right. 

...with Christmas approaching, everyone's running around like headless chickens, trying to get their Christmas shopping out of the way. As you can imagine, the centre was packed, and the same for the restaurants. Every single one of them was choca block! So we decided to go to the quiet bit of town and found good old Pizza Express. Finally! We got a table so fast my eyes nearly popped out its socket! We were SO hungry and at this point just wanted to be fed asap, but it felt like they were taking ten years with our food.

After we spent hours in Pizza Express, stuffing our faces, we went to see the Christmas lights being put on by this Danny dude. I don't really know who he is. All I know is that he's in hollyoakes, which I don't watch. Why couldn't they bring back Robin Thicke?

There was quite a bit happening in the Riverside too. All the singing and the fireworks on top of the Oracle car park. Overall, we had a great night. This is definitely the season to be jolly, haha! I'm also so thankful for a well behaved baby, who just loves waving and smiling at every person he comes in contact with. You can tell he's my son.

How was your weekend? What did you all get up to? 

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