Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Picture hoarder!!!

What are your plans for tonight? I got so caught up with life that I totally forgot that it's bonfire night tonight. The same thing happened last year, sorry 5th of November. You are really hard to remember. Especially when you become a working Mum with a little babe who's in bed by 7pm. Ha! I used to go and watch the fireworks with my friends when I was younger, and it was just the best. I would love for my babe to experience it when he's a little bit older. 

So I'm sat here drinking tea, attempting to clear my camera role because I'm such a picture hoarder, and it just hit me so hard that 2015 is only around the corner. Can someone tell me where this year has gone?

Also, is there such thing as a throwback on a Wednesday because I came across these precious pictures on my camera roll and I can't get myself to delete any. It was my nieces 3rd birthday and I miss this day so much. It's a real tradition of ours, spending birthdays together. Every year we have two joint birthdays. Isn't that just amazing? We don't go crazy on birthdays, we keep it so simple. Simple is always the best. 

I hope I'm not the only one who is a picture hoarder. My memory is always full and it takes me months and months to delete one photo. Is that a bit weird? Ha! 

Enjoy your night and be safe! xx

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