Wednesday, 1 October 2014

the toddler life!

*fyi he was just chilling in the car

Yesterday marked a year since we moved to Reading. My son was only two weeks old, and now that he's a one year old, he does these cute things that I never want to forget, and always want to remember. So I've decided to write 10 things that I can think of right now on why  being one years old awesome - minus the teething btw!

1. My son has turned into the most sweetest little todd. He is constantly either hanging or hiding behind my legs. I find it SO cute. He does it when I'm about to go somewhere (literally hangs of my legs) or hides behind them when he's just being cute or shy... I can't help but turn into a mushy mush mush when he does that, especially when he's also saying 'mamaamamamamamama.

2. When I laugh, he laughs with me or if I'm having a conversation with someone he will walk fast towards me and then laugh with us and then go back to what he was doing before. The face he pulls when he does that is absolutely hilarious. He literally scrunches up his face and laughs. He also laughs when I'm being serious so he can get away with things...I don't know who he thinks he is.

3. He'll stare at people and when he realises he's been caught, he'll smile at them.

4. He's started to mimic and repeat after my siblings or people even...and tries to have a full on conversations with them. Most of the time, he'll repeat the exact word someone is saying, which causes my ears to fall off cause I'm just like wait what?! When did this happen?! 

5. If he REALLY likes you, he'll give you a knee hug.

6. He loves walking but prefers to walk without shoes on so I always catch him trying to take his shoes off. Silly boy. 

7. Oh yeah, if you've got food, this guy is and will be your best of friend forever without a doubt. He's all there hugging you and hinting to have some of whatever you're having. 

8. When he's playing with his cars - his face says it all...please do not disturb me, otherwise he'll literally get up and walk away LOL.

9. He realised that the fake crying no longer works on me so when he does it for a second he quickly changes it to a laugh. A fake one. 

10. When I'm fixing the bed or my sisters, and he sees pillows on the floor, he'll rest his head on it in the middle of the room. I can't breathe with this child of mine. He's just so funny! 

Happy first day of October friends! Xoxo

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