Monday, 1 September 2014


{after bath time blurriness} 

It's 1st of SEPTEMBER!!!!!!! 

I can't believe September has just crawled on me like this! I'm looking forward to it more than anything BUT hello, I'll be having a real toddler later on this month on the 17th. He will no longer be a little chunky baby! Well...he'll still be chunky but not a baby!! He's just started to kind of walk....He'll get up to walk to me and as soon as he sees my big ass camera, he quickly takes a seat straight away because he doesn't want to be filmed, alright Kanye. No cameras then. I've got some of him in the end. :) 

This month is the birthday month, forget August. I feel like everyone I know is pretty much born in this month. I have decided today, that I'll record a video and take a picture every single day (without a fail) of my babe until his very 1st birthday. I'm kind of excited but feeling more emotional than excitement. I can't believe he will be the big ol' one. years. old.  

He's such a funny babe, everything he comes out with is just hilarious. I don't quite understand what he's saying, but I know when I say 'no' he screams 'YH' haha! Bed time is getting pretty good. Feed - bath - milk - cuddle until it's 8:15 and he's sleeping by half 8! He gets up at 4ish sometimes for a drink of water, I'm not sure if it's just become a habit now but if he is thirsty, babe is thirsty and he will get some water and then goes back to sleep, he doesn't wake up until 7/8ish! So we're gooood! Every time I talk about his sleeping pattern, and things are going great, I end up jinxing myself. I don't believe in that stuff anyway, it's probably just a coincidence haha.

Happy 1st of September friends, and happy Monday. xxo

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