Saturday, 27 September 2014


today, i am feeling very nostalgic as it was around this time last year that I moved to Reading with a brand new newborn babe. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. Packed up our things and went on a 1.5hr car journey with a crying newborn babe in the back.. I don't know how I did it -- but I did it. I think when traveling with a newborn, it's all about being calm because really and truly, a one week old babe just wants to be cuddled up with his mama. It was hard trying to keep him entertained, especially when I couldn't take him out of the car seat, so I put on a sweet lullaby to keep him relaxed. Thank you Youtube. What would I have done without you, hey!

 Last week Wednesday -- 17th of September, my baby bambino turned the big ONE. I am sure I had anxiety attack the night before his birthday because I just couldn't believe that it was going to be the day that I gave birth to this amazing little human being. I felt this weird feeling that I have never felt before, and my heart was full of all kinds of emotions. I love this boy. He is so smart, and funny. I know that it's only been about a week, but being 1 years old is absolutely fantastic. He is walking.....falling here and there, but he's quite independent and he lets you know when he wants to hold your hand -- which is hardly ever. He's even walking backwards, which is SO adorable! For his birthday, we had a tea party. My amazing friend, her sweet daughter, and my dearest cousin made his birthday so special! We all went to Marks & Spencer and did some food shopping. My cousin had already bought a cake from Marks & Spencer -- the one in London, but let.me.tell.you it was delish! Everything came together so perfect. He ate loads of yummy food, and erm...loads of yummy cake ....i mean, you're only 1 once right? Putting him to bed that night was the hardest thing ever, he literally stayed awake until his papa came home. The mister had work the whole day, so he only spent the morning with our babe, but when he came home, they spent some more time together playing and catching up. And that's how we ended the night!

Right now, we're in Birmingham and have been here since last week Friday. We came to celebrate some more and eat more birthday cake with our family. We're also celebrating Eid here, how great is that!

Happy weekend, friends! Xoxo

Monday, 1 September 2014


{after bath time blurriness} 

It's 1st of SEPTEMBER!!!!!!! 

I can't believe September has just crawled on me like this! I'm looking forward to it more than anything BUT hello, I'll be having a real toddler later on this month on the 17th. He will no longer be a little chunky baby! Well...he'll still be chunky but not a baby!! He's just started to kind of walk....He'll get up to walk to me and as soon as he sees my big ass camera, he quickly takes a seat straight away because he doesn't want to be filmed, alright Kanye. No cameras then. I've got some of him in the end. :) 

This month is the birthday month, forget August. I feel like everyone I know is pretty much born in this month. I have decided today, that I'll record a video and take a picture every single day (without a fail) of my babe until his very 1st birthday. I'm kind of excited but feeling more emotional than excitement. I can't believe he will be the big ol' one. years. old.  

He's such a funny babe, everything he comes out with is just hilarious. I don't quite understand what he's saying, but I know when I say 'no' he screams 'YH' haha! Bed time is getting pretty good. Feed - bath - milk - cuddle until it's 8:15 and he's sleeping by half 8! He gets up at 4ish sometimes for a drink of water, I'm not sure if it's just become a habit now but if he is thirsty, babe is thirsty and he will get some water and then goes back to sleep, he doesn't wake up until 7/8ish! So we're gooood! Every time I talk about his sleeping pattern, and things are going great, I end up jinxing myself. I don't believe in that stuff anyway, it's probably just a coincidence haha.

Happy 1st of September friends, and happy Monday. xxo