Friday, 22 August 2014

Krazy Playdates

This is a late post as I didn't get any chance to post anything these past couple of days.

Isn't it lovely when a plan comes together? The Mister went away on a business trip for a week and you know the days will only get longer when that's the case, so I called up my sweet friend (who is more like my family) and arranged a road trip to mine with her two babes. Can you even call that a road trip? Oh, never mind!

I love it when we're together! We talked, we laughed, we ate delicious food, we took the kids to this massive play area called Krazy Playdates and they absolutely loved it! Two hours of fun! We were lucky we had her little cousin there by our side to take the little ones on the trampoline or anywhere in the play area for that matter, as we weren't aware you had to wear socks. I wonder if they sold any for parents who didn't know this bit of information.

The kids enjoyed themselves, especially the 3 year old babe, we hardly saw him because he was so fast running around playing on everything and making new friends. So adorable! For our next play date, the plan is to take them swimming!

What have you guys been up to? Hope you all had a great week!

Happy Friday, you guys! Xoxo

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