Thursday, 17 July 2014


When you have a cranky teething babe, the best thing to do is, to go out and take him for a walk. A long one that is. I promise you, you'll both feel so much better after. Nothing better than fresh air. That's exactly what we did yesterday. I prepared the babes changing bag the night before and put everything we would need on that day. I'm glad I did that because the next day, I wasn't rushing around to find things. All I had to do was get us both showered and dressed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so it was the perfect day to go out and explore our area, as we haven't done that yet. We got stopped by strangers quite a lot, saying how happy and smiley the babe is and we got chatting to them for a bit. We even met a lovely elderly woman who loved the babe so much that she gave him a brand new toy that was supposed to be for her grandson, I mean, that's just pure kindness. He was talking to her and smiling at her the whole time whilst eating the toy she gave him. Silly boy. After that, we went a little bit further out and found this beautiful big field. The big kids were there playing football, so we took a seat at a bench and soaked in some sun. The babe was watching the big kids play football, he was even cheering them on. In the end, he got so tired and took a short nap. I didn't let him out of the pram because I knew that if he got out, he'd crawl and probably eat the grass or something. I live for these kind of days. We really enjoyed ourselves and by the time we got back home, it got dark and was time for bed.

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