Saturday, 28 June 2014

Maybe he is...

I'm not sure what it is, but do you agree that people somehow always feel the need to tell you how your baby is feeling?

My son is crying, and only I know the differences of his cry...but someone will say something like...

Maybe he's hungry?
Maybe he's tired?
Maybe he needs changing?
Maybe he needs a cuddle?
Maybe he's constipated?
Maybe he needs a nap?

Well actually, how about maybe he's just fucking attention seeking and want's the whole world to know he's crying, huh?!

I get these comments all the time not just from my family who are experts in how to raise a baby, but from total strangers. I get it, some people just want to help, but i find it extremely annoying. My son is only 9 months old. He is very clingy. He is still my baby, so what do you expect? Yes, babies do cry, you know?! And for no reason sometimes, too!

I am writing this post because, someone said to me "you don't know anything about babies" I do and I don't. I am not worlds best Mother. I am a first time Mother. I respect that you have more children than me, but that does not mean you can go round saying this to people. Especially when you don't even know their babies!

I am his Mother. I know what he wants, and most of the time, he just wants me to cuddle him. He wants me to carry him wherever I go, and sometimes I can't get things done, but it's not going to be like this forever so I'll end this post on a positive note. I'm glad he knows who I am. I'm glad he wants my full attention. I'm glad he wants to come with me wherever I go. I'm glad he crawls to find me wherever I am in our home. I'm glad he cries if he can't see me, because guess what, i would be so upset if he didn't do those things. I'm glad he's reaching out to me when someone else is holding him.

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